Welcome to the Sailaway Polar Portal

The Sailaway Polar Portal lets you download dynamically generated polar files for all boats of the sailing simulation game Sailaway.

Speed polar diagram of the sailboat
Examplary polar diagram

Polar files may help you finding the fastest route to sail, as the speed of a sailing vessel depends on the wind angle and the wind force in a non-linear way (see figure above).

With the help of polar files, free software like QTVLM or OpenCPN and downloadable weather forcasts (GRIB files), you are enabled to find the fastest route over the seas - at least if the weather comes as predicted.

As there are no accurate and complete polar files available for the simulated boats in Sailaway, this site helps out on this point.

These polar files are generated from telemetry data of all racing boats in all active and past races collected in a database.
Data collection has begun on Feb. 1, 2020 and still continues, so with ongoing time, the values will hopefully get more acurate.

The polar files are generated daily at 22:00 UTC. The telemetry data of all boats competing in races is collected in hourly intervals.

New 18.07.2020: Fixed a bug leading to inaccurate and empty values.

NewPolar files for Imoca 60 are quite complete and seem to work fine - as long as you choose the average values (mean).

New Furthermore, you can query the Sailaway game server and check your boat´s telemetry data or add your own boat(s) to the list of contributing boats, whose telemetry data are collected to improve the polar files.

This site is still under development. If you have ideas, let me know and leave a comment.

Info For further information, have a look at the Q&A page.

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